Tips for Choosing a Shelf for Small Houses Not to Be Narrow

A house that has a limited area requires the owner to be clever about the strategy. Shelves are of course the main choice in adding storage or a place to display home sweetener decorations. In order to avoid this problem, here we present some tips on choosing a shelf for a small house. In addition, besides being used as a storage area, you can also use shelves for various other needs.

First. A small house should use a simple and space-saving shelf type. You can choose the type of shelves in the form of wall shelves that are easily installed in various corners of the house with screws. Or you can get Boltless Shelving by visiting our website.

Second. After determining the type of shelf, choose a design that fits the concept or style of the interior that is presented in the room. There are many references that you can see in various media.

Third. Measure the area available for shelving. A simple wall shelter has a thickness of 3-5 cm, a width of about 20 cm, and a length that varies depending on the area available. If you want to install a composite shelter, determine the distance between the shelves by considering the height of the object to be displayed.

Fifth. A strong material for shelves is solid wood. However, because this material is increasingly limited and the price is relatively expensive, solid wood can be replaced with processed wood such as multiplex, particle board, and MDF. The type of upholstery material is very diverse so that it can be adapted to the interior design of the room.

Sixth. If you have plans to add shelves later, choose a modular design. This model furniture allows you to buy several parts in stages until finally getting the whole shape.

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