Other Shelf Functions You Need to Know

During this time, maybe you only know the shelf as a place to store goods, from books to shoes. Nothing wrong. Functionally, the shelves are in charge of “securing” your books and shoes at home. But, it turns out there are other functions that are owned by bookshelves and shoe racks in your home. You can use the shelf outside the actual function if you know the practical tricks. You can get the best Boltless Shelving on our website.

Then, what are the other functions of bookshelves and shoe racks in your home? Here’s the review.

– Function as a room divider

Not everyone has a large place to live and can install a permanent partition, aka a wall in his house. For those of you who live in a room with limited space, bookshelves at home can have dual functions as a room divider. This trick is widely used in boarding rooms or studio model apartments. Bookshelves that are used as bulkheads can add a broad impression to the room where you live. In principle, when you live in a narrow room, a wider impression can arise if you can see every corner of the room without any furniture blocking the view. Therefore, the bookshelf becomes the right thing to be made a partition.

Shelves that are used as bulkheads should be non-cabinet shaped. The shape of the cabinet will block your view a little. Use a semi-open bookshelf and have a horizontal stacked board. For this type of shelf, you can find it in a furniture store. However, now there are many online stores that sell it with interesting variations.

– Function as a decoration in the house

Not only filled with books, shelves can be filled with objects of your collection ranging from dolls, cars, LEGO arrangements, and others. Shelves filled with these objects can be placed in the living room or family room to be a fresh and different room decoration. If you like photography, print the best photos of your shots and put them in a frame and arrange them on a bookshelf. This way, your home can be a private art gallery that captivates you.

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